Mar 30 2013

A Note on Outstanding Commissions

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I have a handful of outstanding commissions, some of which are quite old, which I have not completed, usually because I’ve received either no guidance or at best vague suggestions. Some of these commissions are from backers of the Suburban Jungle Kickstarter, others are charity auction winners, etc., and so I realize that the recipients of said commissions might not mind that they’ve never actually received ’em.

However, having them sit there on my too-much-to-do list for years is starting to poke at me. So as of next Saturday (April 6), I will be going down my “to do” list and marking any and all outstanding commissions as “completed.” If you feel I owe you some art, please let me know via ASAP and I’ll make it good, whether via art or refund.


-The Gneech

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Mar 25 2013

Random D&D Higher-Level Campaign Starter Idea

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This just popped into my head, but it seems like it would be a fun idea for a one-off game.

Create any legal Pathfinder [or insert your game system of choice here] character of level 1d4+6 with level-appropriate gear.

You wake up, startled, and look around. Before you are a handful of other adventurers, similarly coming to their senses, as well as a woman in what appear to be priestly robes, who wields a magic wand. Surrounding you are several smashed and long-crumbled statues.

The woman speaks to you in a heavily-accented variant of the common tongue that takes you a few moments to comprehend. “Are you all right? Can you understand me? You have been restored from petrification by a medusa, centuries ago. The medusa is long dead. We have revived you because a great threat has arisen… and we have no heroes who have the strength to fight it. We hope that you, great warriors of the past, may have that strength…”

There you go, have fun with it. Depending on how weird you wanted to get you could tweak the available classes (say, disallow Gunslingers at the start of the game, even though there are Gunslinger NPC threats) or go for a superscience-and-sorcery angle a la Thundarr the Barbarian, depending on how long the PCs spent petrified. The PCs themselves could be from any number of different eras of your campaign world’s past.

-The Gneech

Mar 04 2013

Penciling 101 Panel at FurTheMore

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Just a heads-up, all you happy people! I will be running a “Penciling 101” panel on Saturday, April 6, 4:30 p.m. at Fur The ‘More: Time Traveler’s Party in Baltimore, MD. This is the first outing of a brand new furry con! It should be fun.

The panel will cover some basic artistic concepts, including thinking in shapes, the magic grid, and dynamic posing. I’ll also do my best to answer questions and offer specific tips as needed. Hope to see you there!

-The Gneech

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