Jun 06 2016

Ghostbusters 5E: Feats (First Pass)

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Artwork by Luis Delgado
(Artwork by Luis Delgado)

The feats for GB are fairly straightforward. I just added a few to plug holes in abilities Ghostbusters aren’t likely to get (like the massive strength of Gauntlets of Ogre Power).

Feats (First Draft)

The following feats from the Players Handbook are available to Ghostbusters: Alert, Athlete, Actor, Charger, Dungeon Delver, Durable, Grappler, Healer, Inspiring Leader, Keen Mind, Lightly Armored, Linguist, Lucky, Magic Initiate, Martial Adept, Mobile, Observant, Resilient, Ritual Caster, Savage Attacker, Sentinel, Sharpshooter, Skilled, Skulker, Tavern Brawler, Tough, Weapon Master.

In addition, Ghostbusters may choose from the following new feats:

Best of the Best
Choose one ability score at its natural maximum. That ability goes up by 1 point, and its natural maximum goes up by 1 point as well. This is the only way for normal humans to have ability scores beyond 20. No ability score may be raised beyond 25 this way.

When you drop a target in combat, you may immediately make an additional attack of the same type against another eligible target as a reaction. If that target also drops, you may immediately make another attack against a different target as part of the same reaction, and so on, up to the number of eligible targets who keep dropping, or your proficiency bonus, whichever is lower.

Fancy Footwork
You are very adept at avoiding incoming attacks. Add your proficiency bonus to your AC.

You can invent gadgets, as if you had the Inventor class feature of the Brains class. However, you are just a dabbler, and are therefore limited to a number of Prodigy-level gadgets equal to your Intelligence bonus (minimum 1).

Ghost Wrangler
When you successfully hit a trappable creature with a proton pack or other weapon with the capture quality, you may initiate a capture attempt as a bonus action even if that creature is at full strength and free of conditions. You have advantage on all ability checks or attack rolls made to capture a trappable creature, or creatures attempting to escape your capture effect have disadvantage (whichever is applicable). In any contested capture attempts, you have advantage (but the creature does not have disadvantage).

Prerequisite: Specialty class feature, 4th level.
If you are a member of a class that has specialties (such as Anatomist, Inventor, and Professor for the Brains class), you immediately gain the 3rd level ability of a specialty other than the one you have chosen. Thereafter, when you gain a new specialty ability, you may choose the next ability available from either specialty. This feat may be taken multiple times: each time it adds the 3rd level ability of a new specialty, but it only applies to specialties of a single class.

Nobody’s Fool
You have advantage on ability checks or saving throws to see through deception or resist intimidation or persuasion. This does not confer any benefit against supernatural influences.

Prolific Gadgeteer
Prerequisite: Inventor class feature or Gadgeteer feat, 3rd level.
You gain a number of gadget slots equal to your proficiency bonus.

Whattya think? Next time, the original Boys In Grey.

-The Gneech

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