Feb 17 2009

Life of a Bounder, Part II

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I had intended to catch up with these faster, but life had other plans. But I’m back now, so here we go…

December 17, 2008
Last night in LotRO, some members of the Valar Guild asked for high-level assistance going into Carn Dum, so Galadhalion volunteered to come along and act as the de facto tank, since he was not making a lot of progress in Moria anyway. The group consisted primarily of Melco (grandfather), Aungrod (father), and Lorelana (son), plus myself and a couple of others. I was running with earphones and listening to in-game chat, and it was quite a kick to hear “All right now, let’s let Galadhalion do the pull on these war-trolls.” “Okay, Grandpa!”

Alas, our attempt to destroy the beast Helchgam was not successful, but some folks got their first taste of the stark terror that is the capitol of Angmar, so that was fun. :)

Following that, Maedhroc finished off his last deeds and quests in the Shire: wolves whomped, bandits beaten, slugs squashed, and goblins gutted, pausing only to admire Brockenborings’ statue of the Old Took.

Maedhroc Meets Bullroarer Took

Old Bullroarer Took himself — surely a giant among hobbits!

Then, as he is an Honourary Shirriff, he helped escort a lost dwarf (lowbie player) from Michel Delving to Waymeet as his last official duty as a member of the Bounders, said his farewell-for-now to his beloved home, and followed his next mission to Bree, where he had to deliver a message to this guy.

Maedhroc and Strider at the Prancing Pony

I dunno … the rangers trust him, but he looks pretty seedy, to me.

-The Gneech

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