Apr 30 2012

Monday Monster: Vanity Duchesne

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Vanity Duchesne was, in life, a well-to-do social climber who married a retired admiral and lived large among the elite of Washington, D.C. Little did her husband know, when he bought her that bracelet for her 85th birthday, that it was a cursed focus for dark PKE.

She died later that same year, respected by all, and was buried in the Duchesne family plot– the second largest in the cemetery. But now she has risen from the grave… to demand that she be moved to a plot with a better view of the Potomac.

Vanity Duchesne

Class IV Focused Full Torso Repeater (Physical, Intelligent)
Muscles 3 (Claw Her Way Up From the Grave 6)
Moves 3 (Duck Behind Cover 6)
Brains 2 (Know Social Status 5)
Cool 2 (Raise a Fuss 5)
Power 4; Ectopresence 8

Goal Be the Belle of the Cemetery
Special Abilities Fly, Poltergeist, Summon Pests
Weaknesses Motivator (remove her bracelet, and she will be put to rest); Restricted (only manifests midnight-dawn)
Appearance Rich, portly, snobbish, and dead; sort of a zombie Margaret duMont. Whenever she uses a power, someone looking for unusual effects may attempt a Brains 15 roll to spot that her bracelet glows even more than usual.

Animated Mink Wrap

Class V Materialized Focused Fashion Faux-Pas (Physical, Mindless)
Muscles 4 (Entangle 7)
Moves 3 (Dodge 6)
Ectopresence 3

Goal Protect Mommy!
Appearance Vanity’s favorite fashion accessory, she was buried with it. Now it growls, bites, and attacks anybody who threatens her.

Bitey Skulls

Class II Materialized Focused Nuisance (Physical, Mindless)
Muscles 1 (Bite 4)
Moves 2 (Dodge 5)
Ectopresence 1 (destroyed on successful hit)

Goal Bite Ghostbusters
Appearance Bouncy, roly-poly, clattering pile of skulls that Vanity animates with her Summon Pests power. Roll 4d6 (Vanity’s Power): every 3 points rolled creates a pile of Bitey Skulls. If she rolls a ghost, add +1 to the stats of all piles created. These are not terribly dangerous, but they do give Vanity time to flee when threatened.

Ghostly Yap Dogs

Class VI Focused Status Symbol (Ectoplasmic, Mindless)
Power 3; Ectopresence 3

Goal Protect Mommy
Special Abilities Horrid Barking (Power vs. Cool or Ghostbuster is at +5 Difficulty to all actions for a round from distraction); Slime Bite
Appearance A small pack of ghostly yap dogs with diamond-studded collars (unfortunately also ghostly). Although it appears as 3-5 dogs in any given manifestation, it is a single creature created by Vanity’s Summon Pests power (DC 10, rolling a ghost gives the dogs +1 to all stats).

Who ya gonna call?

-The Gneech

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