Feb 28 2011


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Brigid scowled at her folded-up newspaper. “You know what a ‘fag hag’ is, right?” she said.

“Sorry, what?” said Greg.

“A fag hag.”

Greg shifted uncomfortably. “Well, er, yes. It’s not a term I would throw about in such a reckless manner, but I am familiar with the concept. What prompted the question?”

“I was just wondering, what would the reverse of that be?”

“The reverse? A ‘gah gaf’?”

“No, I mean, what would you call a straight man who always wanted to hang around with lesbians?”

“Uh…” said Greg.

“I know, it’s a poser. How about ‘dyke dude’?”

“I am hereby recusing myself from this conversation immediately,” Greg said, scooping Ozymandias up from his lap and heading for the hall. “There’s nothing I can say here that won’t get me into big, big trouble.”

“And you call yourself a linguaphile,” called Brigid. “You should be interested in this stuff!”

“I prefer the term ‘word nerd,'” he said, and was gone.

-The Gneech

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