Apr 12 2012


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Greg had just finished putting away the breakfast dishes when a loud pounding came from the door. Opening it, he discovered Treville standing in the corridor, looking peevish. “Hullo, albatross,” said Greg. “What brings you here?”

“I’ve had it with you!” said Treville.

“Oh?” said Greg. “Okay then.”

“From now on, we go our separate ways!” Treville added.

“Excellent,” said Greg. “Thanks for letting me know.” He started to close the door, but Treville was still talking.

“That’s right! You won’t have old Treville to kick around any more. I’m not putting up with it! Just back off, man!”

“Right,” said Greg. “I’ll do that.” He started to close the door again, but Treville was still talking.

“Yeah! Just bug off! Go away! Leave me alone, man!”

“Whose doorstep are you on, again?” said Greg, but then his phone beeped. “Eh?” he said, and pulled it out of his pocket.

“Oh,” said Treville. “That’s probably me. I left you a voice message telling you to stop bothering me. And I sent you a text letting you know I didn’t want to talk to you.”

“Hmm,” said Greg.

“I sent you an e-mail about it, too.”

“Did you,” said Greg, flatly.

“So you’ll get the point. I’m serious: bug off!”

Greg said nothing further, but closed the door in Treville’s face, locked it, put on his headphones, and started his day’s writing.

“Hey!” shouted Treville in the corridor, pounding on the door. “Don’t you ignore me when I’m telling you to go away and leave me alone!”

-The Gneech

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