Nov 19 2012


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“So, are you ready for Thanksgiving?” asked Isadora as she walked into the apartment.

“Mom! Thank God you’re here!” said Brigid, hustling Isadora into the living room. “You’ve gotta help me!”

Isadora raised her eyebrows. “What’s the matter, dear?”

“Greg watched a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon over the weekend and now he won’t stop making references to it. He’s in the kitchen right now, chopping up cabbage to ‘Make it slaw!'”

“Greg hates coleslaw, doesn’t he?” said Isadora.

“Yes!” said Brigid. “But you know as well as I do that wouldn’t stop him when he gets like this!”

At this point, Greg opened the shutters of the pass-through from the kitchen, and put a pumpkin pie on the counter. With a very serious expression and a very bad Michael Dorn impression, he said, “Today is a good day to pie!” before disappearing back into the kitchen.

Isadora watched him go, then turned to Brigid. “Don’t worry, I’ve got a gun in my car. I’ll be right back.”

“Great, mom, thanks!” Brigid said as her mother headed for the door.

-The Gneech

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  1. Well that escalated quickly :-P