Mar 28 2005


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Greg stared at the mug of cocoa sitting on his chest and said, “You know, sometimes I wish I was sexy. But then I wonder what I would do with it if I was.”

“Hmm?” said Alex, fingers tapping away on his laptop. “What are you going on about over there?”

“Brigid’s right,” Greg told him. “I don’t know a thing about love. A lot of codependent frippery, that’s what I know about. Disappointment, resentment, longing, and jealousy, that’s what I know about. I’m a sad case, that’s my opinion.”

“Well then,” said Alex. “Write about that.”

“No! Of course I’m not going to write about that! Who’d want to read it?” Greg lifted the cocoa and sat up from his slump on the couch. “Besides, it’s so cliché!”

“Maybe it would help somebody else feel like they weren’t quite as alone,” Alex suggested.

“Bah,” said Greg. “Nobody morose is ever alone, all they’ve got to do is look around. I want to brighten up the place, not revel in my own pathos.”

Alex shrugged, and continued typing. “Well then, I guess you’ll have to get out there and fall in proper love, won’t you?”

Greg rolled his eyes. “Thank you, that’s a terrific plan. But look at me! I’m as attractive as day-old bread.”

“Oh, I dunno,” Alex chuckled. “Even day-old bread can be cute if it’s cut into animal shapes.”

Greg blinked. “That’s possibly one of the most surreal things you’ve ever said to me,” he commented.

“Well, I’ve been taking notes when you weren’t looking.”

-The Gneech

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