May 05 2005


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“Today,” Greg announced with startling volume, “we celebrate the wonder of Herbert Lom!”

Brigid winced. “Not again.”

“Yes, Herbert Lom! Versatile and multitalented actor, bon vivant, and dapper man about town, Herbert Lom! Best known for his roles as Captain Nemo in Mysterious Island and Dr. Roger Corder in the highly regarded Associated-British Pictures Corporation television series, ‘The Human Jungle!'”

“Never heard of it.”

“Never heard of it?” Greg’s eyes widened as if he were personally offended by the notion. “It was only the most widely-regarded medical drama of 1963!”

“How the hell do you know about a British medical drama from 1963?”

“And it starred Herbert Lom! I mean, really, isn’t that enough?”

Brigid put her hand to her forehead, scrunching her eyes in agony. “Wait a minute, wait a minute here … isn’t Herbert Lom the guy who played ‘Inspector Dreyfus’ in the Pink Panther movies?”

“The very one!” Greg chirped, suddenly excited. “I’m impressed, young Brigid! I didn’t realize you’d be familiar with his more minor works!”

“I need to go lie down,” she said.

“Take thoughts of Herbert Lom with you on this special day,” he told her. “They’ll comfort you.”

“I live with a freak,” she said, heading out of the room. “I really need to re-think this setup.”

-The Gneech

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