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Her Majesty’s Secret Spellcasters

So the general opinion is that the “necro” in “necromancer” refers to death– traditionally necromancy is the ability to speak with dead spirits, for the purpose of lifting curses, busting ghosts, whatever. This has led to the image in popular fantasy of necromancers being gothy types who hang around in cemetaries raising zombies and the…


October Commish — DeWhitton

October Commish — DeWhitton by ~the-gneech on deviantART Followup to this one: Our mate the steampunk flying fox takes a break from bug-hunting to maintain the ol’ death ray and enjoy a beer. This one took me three tries to ink. Note to myself: charge more for real media in the future! -The Gneech


Big Ol’ Art Post!

While crunching away on everything else, I have managed to do a few bits of art in-between. And here they are! Because I love you. Gneech Bizcard 2013 by ~the-gneech on deviantART Finally, after however many years, I’ve got revised business cards on the way, with new avatar, the current websites, and a new funny…