Apr 08 2014

New Patreon Subscription Level Added

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I have added a new “Subscription” level reward to my Patreon campaign. At the $3/month level, you will receive new comic pages directly by e-mail as soon as they are drawn, usually a week to a month before they appear on the website.

Of course, I’ll need a valid e-mail address to send it to. ^.^’ But this will be kept private and never shared with anyone.

Thanks, supporters! I really appreciate it!

-The Gneech

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Mar 13 2014

Find Me at Fur the ‘More!

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As gathered by my better half in The Suburban Jungle Livejournal Community, here’s my schedule at Fur the ‘More, but in a little more detail.

Items in bold indicate that I am a panelist. The rest I simply plan (or hope) to attend.

Friday, March 14, 2014

12 PM Opening Ceremonies: Main Events
1 PM Furry Writing for Landlubbers: Panels 2
2:30 PM Guest of Honor Q&A: Main Events

4:30 PM Furry Feud: Main Events
7:30 PM Dealer’s Reception: Cinnamon Tree Restaurant
8:30 PM Penciling 101: Panels 3

10 PM Selections from Poe: Panels 1

Saturday, March 15, 2014

12 AM Cards Against Humanity: Tabletop Gaming
12 PM Fursuit Parade: Main Events
1 PM Creating a Cast of Characters: Panels 2
2 PM Dance Competition Setup: Main Events
3 PM Fur the ‘More’s Fursuit Dance Competition: Main Events
6:30 PM Guest of Honor Dinner: Cinnamon Tree Restaurant

10 PM Fursuit Friendly Dance: Main Events

Sunday, March 16, 2014

10 AM Furry Writing for Captain Ninja Masters: Panels 2
12 PM Making Mary Sue Walk the Plank
1 PM Working as an Artist (Without Going Insane): Panels 2
2 PM Writing Good Villains: Panels 2
4 PM Art Show Auction: Main Events
5 PM Charity Auction: Main Events
6:30 PM Closing Ceremonies: Main Events
7 PM Feedback Session

At the table I will have “Rough House: Issue Zero” preview comics for $1 each, plus all of the usual books, prints, and on-the-spot sketches. I recommend, if you want art, you grab me early, because with my schedule as it is, I expect to fill up fast.

See you tomorrow! ^.^

-The Gneech

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Mar 10 2014

Monday Report: Cons, Patreons, and … Something Else-ons

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Last week was pretty darn huge, actually, but I didn’t have time to post about it except in the most cursory way, so let’s write up a full report, shall we?

Rough Housing

The obvious biggie is that Suburban Jungle (Rough Housing) is up and running! We’ve also got a shiny new forum thanks to everyone at Crosstime CafĂ©. The story runs on Mondays and Wednesdays, with a quarterly print release (the first full issue should be at AnthroCon)– and thanks to my Patreon supporters, there will be extra content in the form of an “Ask the Cast” page on the last Friday of every month.

“What Patreon?” You Ask? Funny You Should Mention It!

With a little prodding from Graveyard Greg, Maggie Hogarth, and others, I created a Patreon page, and so far it’s been a huge success, for which I’m very grateful! Someone even took a “Commission on Demand” slot, which I didn’t actually expect anyone would. :) Good thing I put a limit on those!

The Patreon program has already reached two of its goals, the Ask the Cast page and funding a new compy to replace this dying PC. The next one is the biggie– funding another comic project that a pal of mine would like to collaborate on but that I just can’t afford to do unless it’s a paying gig. He’s trying to raise the funds on his end, but I told him that if I got funded, I’d do the comic without charging him.

So we’ll see if it happens! Please consider adding your support if you’d like to see more comics from your ever-lovin’ blue-eyed cartoonist. :)

And, Of Course, FurTheMore!

Come Friday, I will be in Baltimore as one of the Guests of Honor for FurTheMore– SO jazzed! I’ll have “Issue Zero” preview comics c/o the good folks at FurPlanet, I’ll be running panels, it’s gonna be awesome. :)

So, yeah… big week! I’m very pleased.

Oh, and did I mention I drew Rarity? ‘cos I totally drew Rarity. Such a lovely pony! <3

Anyhow, that’s it for now! I need to get back to work. Those pages won’t ink and color themselves! …darn it.

-The Gneech

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Mar 07 2014

Redliox “Issues” Commission

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RedLiox Issues Commish by the-gneech on deviantART

Another commission for RedLiox on the strange duality that is the fox/lion hybrid!

I have no idea why, but this commission took me all week to do. O.o Unfortunately, that means the rest I had in mind to finish this week will have to get bumped a little longer so I can do SJ pages. But I will clean out that commission queue!

-The Gneech

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Feb 25 2014

SJ Auction Cameo, Update!

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All of the payments and character info have been received for the Stan Sakai support auction, and I’ll be sending those funds by the end of this week (except in the case of those folks who donated directly already). Thanks again, everyone!

The cameo page will appear on the web in May; the signed issues will be mailed off to everyone as soon as I have my grubby paws on ‘em, hopefully sometime in early April.

Suburban Jungle fans rule. Just sayin’.

-The Gneech

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Feb 06 2014

#GneCoDraMo Status Report

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Well somehow we’re well into February already, not sure how that happened, so that means that January must be finished and, in theory, Gneech Comics Drawing Month (GneCoDraMo) with it.

The comic has been created; the characters are starting to gel, and I like where things are going. Sometime today or tomorrow I will probably finish pencilling Issue #1. However, if I am to get it to print in time for FurTheMore, I need to ink, color, and shade 11 pages between now and February 14. It’s not impossible– but at this stage it is very unlikely.

For the last few weeks, that had me incredibly stressed. Somewhere along the way I sorta forgot what my real goals were and started fixating on the due date, working long hours, neglecting other things that also needed attention, and generally making myself crazy to meet an arbitrary standard I had created.

Yesterday, I realized I was being an idiot, and decided to take a breath and reassess where things stood. Here’s what I figured out:

  • As an experiment in learning what my limits are, #GneCoDraMo has been a complete success. My long-term production goal, of 8 pages/month with breathing room to do other things around them, appears to be quite feasible. Any more than that, over the long term, is not. I now know what my “mental bandwidth budget” for creating comics really is.
  • As a crash course in writing, pacing, and developing a comic, #GneCoDraMo has again been a complete success. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what a single page can reasonably hold, as well as for the ebb and flow of what a comic’s pacing should be like. You can’t have every page crammed full of stuff, it would become exhausting to the reader– but you have to have at least a certain amount of things happening or it feels like you’re not going anywhere. A single comic page probably carries about as much story progression as two individual comic strips, and if possible (for this project, anyway) should have at least two jokes.
  • As an exercise in progressing my art technique and learning to use Manga Studio: complete success. I love, love, loooooooooooove Manga Studio. Where was it in 1998???

So, yeah– on all of the actual goals of #GneCoDraMo, it was an unqualified success. The bonus item (i.e., having a new comic in time for FurTheMore) is still to be determined, and I would still like to get there, but I’m not going to kill myself and burn myself out on the new comic before it’s even launched to get there. I have a fallback in place already– essentially the first 8 pages as an “Issue 0″ promotional comic– and even if the full issue doesn’t get to print in time, the Issue 0 will be at FurTheMore and the comic will be launched in March.

Life’s good. :)

-The Gneech

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