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Hey, Webcomics Readers!


For a comic-book style story, assuming the net result was 22 pages + cover every quarter and that the schedule was maintained without hiccups, would you rather see:

2 pages / week with no break between issues, or

3 pages / week with a month between issues?

Please comment with answer (and reasons, if you care to discuss ’em). Thanks!

-The Gneech

EDIT: Sorry, 24 pages + cover, not 22.

Hurrah for Networking!

Well! Pursuant to yesterday’s post about printer costs, some reader and fellow self-publishing types have pointed me at some other printing options that I hadn’t yet found, and they’re looking promising. Assuming one of these works out, that should allow me to do Attack of the War-Cats for somewhere in the $15-$20 range, much more reasonable!

Jury’s still out on No Predation Allowed — I may end up having to do that in multiple volumes in order to keep the price feasible. But that’s one I am particularly anxious to have in full color if possible!

-The Gneech

Attack of the War-Cats — In Color!

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Well that was fast! In just two nights of work, I have the initial layouts for Attack of the War-Cats complete!

Attack of the War-Cats page layouts

Including the 9 pages that Sue is currently working on with a view towards starting on the web November 1st, and a six-page bonus story (“Thunder’s Last Stand”) drawn by our usual colormiester Richard Wyatt, it comes to a healthy 74 pages in the same double-height format we’re using for the second edition of Childproof the Unicorns.

The big question of AoWC, however, is color. Going with b/w throughout, we’re looking at a retail price somewhere around $12-$15 a book. Color, on the other hand, cranks the retail price up into the $33-$38 range, which is not a bad price for 230+ strips, but definitely tends to push it back a bit from the impulse buyer.

I’m curious to hear how readers feel: if you’re inclined to pick up a copy of Attack of the War-Cats, would full color be worth the higher price to you?

-The Gneech

Payday! Time for Fonts and Plug-Ins!

For all I grouse about my job, it does provide badly-needed funds for my comic projects. Today I bought a font from BlamBot to use in the new comic’s logo, and sent a donation along to ComicPress. These were relatively easy … printing the next round of books, on the other hand, will be a lot more expensive! I’ll probably have to set up pre-orders or some such to help cover that. Announcements as events warrant!

-The Gneech