Jul 29 2010


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Spending most of my day yesterday and today at CFUnited, which is one of the major get-togethers for ColdFusion developers. This is my third, but alas also my last, because it’s everyone’s last. They’ve opted not to do any more after this one, which is a major bummer. As much as I gripe about my specific job, I really like ColdFusion in general, and always learn interesting and exciting things at CFUnited.

If nothing else, my take-away from CFUnited this year is that I’ve got to get more involved in the CF community, particularly locally. There used to be a monthly CFUG (ColdFusion User Group) at the Center for Innovative Technology at Dulles (a.k.a., the Darth Vader Building), but sometime back it moved downtown to the Figleaf facility at DuPont Circle, which is considerably harder to get to. So one of my co-workers and I discussed yesterday the possibility of setting up an alternate CFUG out here again, which is something I’m going to be looking into in the upcoming weeks.

Of course, CF users are net-savvy folks and so most of the CF community is actually net-based (via blogs or Twitter); I don’t have the programming chops to do a technical blog — but if there’s one thing I’m good at it’s talkin’ about stuff! So I’m going to start looking at ways I can combine my communication skills with my interest in CF, whether or not the alt-CFUG idea comes to fruition. My recent experience creating and teaching an HTML course suggests a direction that’s worth investigating. Teaching low-level CF concepts could allow me to get into the CF community, as well as helping me develop more advanced skills of my own.

-The Gneech

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  1. Laurie Robey says:

    Sounds like a plan worth following up on to me!