Sep 13 2010

Productive Weekends are Awesome Weekends

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And what a weekend it was! Saturday was spent mostly at InterventionCon, which was small but fierce, as they say. Although the entirety of it could fit into one room at Dragon*Con, it was well run and had a lot of interesting stuff packed into such a small space. I got some cool Photoshop tips from “Hawk” of AppleGeeks and the “revenue streams” panel helped me firm up some ideas for the new comic.

Speaking of the new comic, I finished a logo and general website design for that over the weekend as well; with the writing I got done on it last week, practically all that’s left is actually starting to draw the thing, which will probably start happening later this month, in between working on the various books. Currently it’s well on track for its intended launch in “early 2011.” I don’t know if it’ll be ready by Further Confusion or not, but I can safely say that it will be ready for Confuzzled.

Hey, did I mention that I’m “Guest of Honour” for Confuzzled? Did I mention how blown away by the sheer awesomeness of that I am? Dude. In another country. I win at life! :D

*ahem* Sorry. What was I saying?

Oh yeah, the productive weekend. :) Well, today I had been thinking of going back to InterventionCon, but in the end I decided that it would be a better use of time overall to actually work on the comics. My buddy Sirfox came over and he, Mrs. Gneech, and I grabbed some pizza and generally did the whole “art jam” thing; I sketched up some drafts of a comic adaptation of an Emerald Rose song that I’m hoping to put into Attack of the War-Cats, as well almost-finishing storyboards for a six-page bonus story in same, titled “Thunder’s Last Stand.” (We all know that Colonel Thunder is an amazing hero — but now for the first time we hear the story of how he got that way!)

Oh! I also just got in edits for “Blackbird Singing In the Dead of Night (From the Casebooks of Squash and Stretch, Private Investigators),” which has officially been accepted for the third volume of the ROAR Anthology series.

Last but not least, the weather finally broke. So yeah, it was a good weekend. :) Thanks, world! I’ll see you in the morning.

-The Gneech

PS: Oh, and hey, the Redskins won! How about that last-second ending, eh?

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  1. It’s always good to have productive weekends, eh?