• Thoughts On the Silmarillion

    Finally reading The Silmarillion through for the first time. I’ve tried to read it a few times but always gotten bogged down before, but somehow I’m finally ready for it. The Tolkien Professor has helped quite a bit, if nothing else just by helping me keep the threads in my mind.

    So far, I have two observations:

    1) Fëanor is a prick.

    2) Man, Maedhros never gets a break, does he?

    That’s all for now! More insightful commentary later as my readings of this deep and stirring work continue.

    -The Gneech



    • I’ve heard of this. Is there a character in this book by the name of Tom Bombadil? There’s a band called Bombadil, you know.

      Also, um, where iz dat Short Story Geeks Podcast?? Are you guys on hiatus?

      Thanks for your time! 🙂

      • We have an episode recorded and overdue, but every time I go to edit it, something else jumps out of a cupboard at me. Sorry for the wait!

    • That’s okay, I’ll be looking forward it. Thanks for the update. 🙂