• A Message for the People of Earth

    Sleestak, Skeksi, Tellarites
    Morloks eating trilobites
    Wormhole, portal, dimensional rift
    Klaatu barada, catch my drift?
    Ghostly creatures of living gas
    this planet is forbidden; none shall pass!
    Atlantis, Lemuria, the land of Mu
    Autotrepanation is bad juju
    Frozen in time and lost in space
    in a vinyl playset with a carrying case
    Shoggoths quiver, phantoms creep
    androids dream of electric sheep
    It can happen here! Watch the skies!
    Search a thousand years for the girl with green eyes
    ’cause when the worlds collide and Mars attacks?
    It’s just a show, so just relax.

    -The Gneech