Jan 27 2014

Cameo Charity Auction: Be In 1st Issue of New SJ!

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As you probably know, Stan Sakai, a hugely important figure in furry literature and a super-nice guy, is undergoing some really rough times. To try and help out a bit, I am auctioning off a total of ten cameo slots in a large action scene splash page of the new Suburban Jungle comic!

Basically, leave your comment here with your bid, or send me an e-mail to thegneech@gmail.com if you’d prefer to keep it private. The auction will run until Friday midnight (EST), and the top 10 highest bidders will have their characters in the scene enjoying a moment of mayhem. Any paying bid of $20 or more will get a signed print copy of the comic in the mail, regardless of whether you win a cameo spot or not.

I will do my best to update the bidding list in this post on a daily basis, and announce the winners on Saturday.

Please help me support this cause! And please spread the word. :)

Update! Bids As Of Friday Noon

  1. KarmaKat ($200)
  2. LionKingCMSL ($150)
  3. ANON–“Rocker” ($100)
  4. Kitana ($100)
  5. MaxFuchsCajote ($100)
  6. Kyyanno ($100)
  7. Dewhitton ($100)
  8. Exatron ($75)
  9. ANON–“Flower Pony” ($75)
  10. Rowyn ($50)

NOTE: Alas, some bidders have been bumped from the list! They can always rebid a higher amount if desired, but the auction closes at midnight, so you’d better hurry! :)

-The Gneech

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