Jan 08 2013

Manga Studio Study — New Comic Panel

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Manga Studio Study — New Comic Panel by ~the-gneech on deviantART

My first ever completely-digital-from-start-to-finish comic panel, done in Manga Studio. On top, all the working layers I used, including perspective lines, blueline roughs, sketch, and ink; underneath, just the inks. I haven’t decided if I want to try adding tones for shadows in Manga Studio, or just leave that to the coloring process.

This single panel took me several hours, but a lot of that time was spent learning the tools, in particular the focus line ruler and parallel line rulers.

There’s a lot to like about Manga Studio– being able to ink while zoomed way the heck in is huge– but there’s no denying that it has a steep, steep learning curve. Intuitive, it is not.

But powerful? Oh yes. It is powerful. This may just be one small 10″x3″ (ish) panel, but what it represents is huge, to me!

-The Gneech

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2 responses to “Manga Studio Study — New Comic Panel”

  1. Timeheart says:

    So this is a sign of a new comic on it’s way? that’s cool. I’ve been waiting to hear of something new. Read through your comics from before, and enjoyed.

    • The Gneech says:

      Yup! Salvaging some of the best stuff from Arclight Adventures, mixing it with a bunch of new stuff, and going in a whole different direction. :) I’m jazzed!