Mar 13 2012

So, Yeah, That’s Not Happening

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As much as I hate to do it, I’m going to have to face the fact that Arclight Adventures just isn’t going. I’ve got an overall plot, I’ve got an outline for the current issue, I have scripts even. But… it’s not going.

The reason is very simple: the art. I don’t want to do it. Doing the art is painful. Every time I try to sit down and force myself to draw for the comic, I suddenly think about how much more fun it would be to go empty the litterboxes, or maybe I’ll be lucky and get sick. This is not a healthy relationship to have with something that is supposed to be a fun hobby.

So… yeah. I might as well admit it to myself. Don’t expect any more Arclight Adventures, unless there’s someone out there fascinated by the concept who wants to do the art. I’m not happy about it, but I’m even less happy about having this thing dragging me down.

Sorry to disappoint, everyone. But sometimes you just have to let go.

-The Gneech

PS: Before anyone asks, I don’t have anything else in the works for the moment. I think I need to let my creativity lay fallow a little longer.

PPS: I might retool the characters and setting for fiction later. I do think there’s something of value there. I just can’t do it alone in the current format.

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4 responses to “So, Yeah, That’s Not Happening”

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  2. Chip Uni says:


    I understand completely. I enjoyed the opening story, but the comic is a labor of love. And if there’s no love… there’s no comic.

    • The Gneech says:

      Thanks. :) I wouldn’t say there was no love, but it was definitely strained relations…


  3. Kabbalist says:


    I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I figured I’d throw my two cents into the bucket anyway. I think you made the right decision here. A healthy hobby is usually something that you enjoy doing and that, for the most part, helps you to feel happier and less stressed when you have a chance to work on it. From the sound of it, that was emphatically NOT what Arclight Adventures was doing for you. Besides, I’m betting that the long-term quality of whatever future work you do with this setting will benefit from you wanting to work on it, rather than forcing yourself to do it.