Mar 01 2009

Busy Night!

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Book 1.4 is finished! Running around the Trollshaws with Legolas is fun, but a tough instance unless you have a nice big group. I’ve also almost finished with Evendim, other than the Tomb of Elendil. Not to say I didn’t give Tomb a try — I ran it with a full group containing more than one level 55+ member; we got all the way to the end but then the SPOILER wiped us out three times and group had to break for the night. Unfortunately, operating on tanking duty I couldn’t come near managing the aggro the L60 minstrel pulled every time they healed somebody. I also made Maedhroc’s first trip into the Misty Mountains, just sort of dipping my toe in, so to speak, since Book 1.5.1 sent me to Gloin’s camp and that’s right inside the zone entrance.

I’ll probably hit L41 next session; I’m going to start trolling the AH for my first legendary book (”Bullroarer’s Boy”), which I’ve already got pages for even though the book itself has yet to appear. Once I finish off my Evendim quests, I’ll start really concentrating on the Trollshaws for a while. At this stage I am almost caught up with Maedhroc where Galadhalion was when Mines of Moria came out, which I find strangely amusing. It took Galadhalion two years to get into the 40-50 range; it’s taken Maedhroc four months. Some of that is due to my being a more skilled player and knowing where a lot of things are, but I think a lot of it is simply that the Warden is so much better a fit for me. I’m looking forward to really experiencing some of that end-game content. Rift of Nurz-Gashou, I’m looking at you!

-The Gneech

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