Nov 29 2019

Shade-Of-the-Candle’s Player Credo

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Shade-Of-the-Candle Takes It Easy... But Takes It

You Are a Swashbuckler

  • Zorro was always grinning. Robin was a Merry Man.
  • When the Pirate King flubs a step, he makes it part of the show.
  • Nobody likes a grouch!


Killing is a Failure State

  • Trickery and incapacitation is winning. “Massive damage” is for clods.
  • Accept surrender. Send bandits running off humiliated—or better yet, recruit them!
  • Capture, tie up, and rob your foes if they’re intelligent, or avoid/ward them off if not.
  • Won’t work on things like zombies, obviously, but would work on owlbears.
    • There’s a zombie AND a mimic? Get the mimic to eat the zombie and die of indigestion.


What Would Jack Sparrow Do?

  • A great entrance goes a long way.
  • Cunning is “finding the path the enemy has chosen, then digging holes along that path.”
  • The only rules are what a person can do, and what they can’t.
  • Lie by telling the truth in the most unbelievable way.
  • An overturned dinghy makes a great bathysphere.
  • Enter forbidden places dressed in enemy uniforms.
    • The enemies are giants? Time for three rogues in a trenchcoat!
  • Lean in to environmental effects. Sneak Attack with a yard-arm!
    • There’s probably more stuff around than the DM has mentioned. Always ask if there’s a chandelier/tapestry/rug/pulley on a rope.


Make Your Own Luck

  • Find a way that doesn’t roll dice—or makes the NPC roll the dice.
    • Does jumping require a skill check? Throw a grapnel and swing across!
  • A well-equipped utility belt is your second-best friend.
  • Stack the odds in your favor, then figure out a way to roll with advantage.
  • Go after what you really want; ignore what you really don’t.


Lead Without Being Boss

  • Learn the other players’ abilities and incorporate them into your harebrained schemes.
  • Get people to tell you their backstories.
  • Make other people’s goals somehow contingent on achieving your own.
  • Set up the other players to be awesome.
  • CAROUSE. Go to taverns and chat up the barmaids for rumors.
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