Mar 03 2009

Life of a Bounder, Part VIII

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Almost there! :D

February 20, 2009
“Hullo, everyone! Maedhroc here. It’s been a while since I last wrote, I know, but so much has happened to me that I haven’t been able to keep up with correspondence. (Ironic, considering I used to run mail for the Bounders, I know.) I finally got a little vacation and went home to Michel Delving to do some fishing and relax a bit.

Maedhroc in Harloeg

A misty morning in the Lone Lands; for a disgusting, wight-infested bog, Harloeg Swamp can actually be quite beautiful in its own way. Just wish they could do something about the trolls.

Maedhroc in Esteldin

Duty eventually called me away to the North Downs, to what is theoretically a secret Ranger enclave called Esteldin. I say ‘theoretically’ because it’s larger than an average Shire town and has the headquarters of the Tailor’s Guild among other things. You’d think the Tailor’s Guild would be someplace like, I don’t know, BREE? It’s a queer world.

How men can stand living in these big stone boxes instead of a nice, comfortable hole, I’ll never understand.

From there I ended up helping a Ranger who was being persecuted by a ghost in the ruined fields of Fornost, one of the abandoned former capitals of Arnor. Spooky place! I forgot to get any pictures there, but as I have been tasked with confronting the, er, “ghost chieftain” there, I’m sure I will be back.

Maedhroc looks across at Annunimas at night

My journeys took me to the other former capital of lost Arnor, Annunimas at Lake Evendim. Unfortunately, Annunimas has been overrun by wicked men of Angmar, forcing the Rangers to camp out in some ruins on the far side of the lake. (This picture was taken at their camp, looking out at Annunimas in the distance.) I have a bad feeling I’m going to be spending a lot of time at this city in the future.

Maedhroc meets Longbough the Ent

If I hadn’t already encountered the huorns in the Shire, I would have been completely shocked to meet a treeherd, or an Ent as prefers to be called. His name’s Longbough, and while he’s not a real talkative fellow, he is … uh … very tall. 0.o

Maedhroc at High King's Crossing

Speaking of very tall, this incredible monument near Annunimas is called “High King’s Crossing.” If I didn’t know better, I’d think dwarves had made this instead of men — this picture was taken from roughly a quarter of a mile away and he’s still huge! One of the Rangers told me that this is supposed to be the likeness of Elendil, one of the last kings of Arnor, who founded Annunimas. I don’t know that much about history myself, but the Rangers absolutely eat it up.

Speaking of eating it up, it’s past time for elevenses! Got to go for now, but I’ll write again when I can!

Your Friend in the Shire,

He did switch back from the hauberk and elven helmet; they just didn’t feel natural to him.

-The Gneech

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