Jan 14 2009

The Fellowship Quest Stack-Up

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It starts in Bree, where you put off those Great Barrow instance quests again and again because you know it’s going to be a painful slog. Then, in Lone Lands, you find yourself halfway through Book 2 and you’ve gone up to the North Downs to start Book 3 because facing Garth Agarwen with a bad PUG is just too much to bear tonight — maybe tomorrow. Oh, and those trolls. And cripes, the Dourhand Leader. Oy.

Soon, the North Downs solo quests are burned through and you’re staring at Fornost, wondering how this could come to pass. Oh, look! A run to Tinnundir! You can do that. And hey, while you’re making runs anyway, now would be a good time to grab that stable in Rivendell!

You have reached your maximum number of active quests.

What? No way! I only have a couple scattered around. I suppose I could delete those Evendim ones, I’m not actually going to do those for a while … and there’s no point in keeping Dourhand Leader, that’s gone grey. Let’s see what I can bang out tonight…

ACK! They’re all Fellowship quests!


I wonder if any L60 kinnies would help me burn through the rest of Book 2? Of course, that spawns three more Garth Agarwen quests, but at least I’d finish something…

-The Gneech

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