About the Stories

I write. A lot. Some of my writing, you can read on the internet for free, because I love you all! And because I’m an attention junkie.

Note that all this stuff is © by me, all rights reserved. Please don’t steal my work.

Brigid and Greg

The Brigid and Greg Fictionlets — Episodes from the life of an incorrigible shrew and a muddleheaded chump. With occasional appearances by a white cat.

The Brigid and Greg “Fictionlets” started out primarily as a writing exercise in 2004. I wanted a pair of names that I could use to throw banter and funny ideas back and forth, but two things happened. First, I got an unexpected (but very welcome) demand for more Brigid and Greg stories. Second, the characters of Brigid and Greg, intended to be blank slates, suddenly developed in sharp detail in my mind. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Michael Macbeth, Paranormal Consultant

Stray Cat Strut — The first story written about Michael Macbeth.

Michael Macbeth was inspired largely by Douglas Adams’ “Dirk Gently” stories — and just like Dirk Gently, he’s an annoyingly difficult character to write well! I probably have about 75,000 words worth of abandoned Michael Macbeth fragments, but I also have a very strong outline that’s just waiting for a chance to work on it.

Tales of Ethangea

Lords of Khaldun — There really are fates worse than death.

Ethangea is a swords-and-sorcery setting for my fantasy writing. I have written a variety of tales and fragments for it, including one novel — hopefully more will come in time.

Miscellaneous Writing

All I Want is a Cup of Coffee — This was inspired by a writing exercise in Creativity Rules by John Vorhaus.

The Jackalope — A fun little poem.

The Prisoner Filk — I draw way too much inspiration from that show.

Random Conan Fanfic — Just what the title says it is. Also quite short.