May 09 2007


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“Wow, that’s sad,” said Brigid.

“Hmm?” said Greg, finishing off the last of his Frangipani sandwich.

“That guy, right there,” Brigid said, indicating with a nod the shiny convertible some twenty feet away. “Sleek black sports car, diamond-studded diving watch — and a ginormous bald spot. Can you say, ‘Overcompensating’?”

“Well now, be fair,” said Greg. “Not every guy in a shiny sportscar is having a mid-life crisis. It may very well be that he would have bought that car 15 years ago if he could, and now finally has the means. He may have been saving up for years!”

“So instead of being shallow because he’s chasing his faded youth, he’s just maintaining a consistent shallowness over time, is that it?”

“No philosopher ever drove a sports car, eh?” said Greg.

“Not with those hubcaps,” replied Brigid with conviction.

-The Gneech

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