Jun 07 2007


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“Mary Lou Retton,” Greg said.

“What?” said Brigid.

“Mary Lou Retton,” Greg said.

“What (she said, feeling that she’d probably rather not know) about Mary Lou Retton?” Brigid asked.


“What about her?”

“Oh!” said Greg. “Nothing really. I just like the sound of her name. It’s an aesthetically-pleasing phrase. ‘Maaaary Lou Retton‘! Bum-ba-bum, BUM-BUM! You could render it in iambic pentameter.”

Shut the hell up, you bloody looney,” Brigid said.

“Well excuse the heck out of me,” Greg said.

“No, no,” said Brigid, “I wasn’t saying that to you. It’s just an aesthetically-pleasing phrase.”

-The Gneech

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EDIT: Clarified a line a bit (I hope) per comments.

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