Jun 14 2007


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“So, can I get anything else for you guys?” asked the waitress.

“I’m fine,” said Brigid.

“Er, actually,” said Greg, lifting his glass slightly and somewhat apologetically, “this seems to be fruit punch. I asked for iced tea.”

“That is iced tea,” said the waitress.

“Er, no,” said Greg. “It’s quite definitely fruit punch.”

“It has to be iced tea,” said the waitress. “It’s brown. Besides, we don’t carry fruit punch.”

“It sure tastes like fruit punch,” said Greg.

“Oh!” said the waitress, pointing a finger in the air. “That’s because it’s ‘Raspberry Splash’ iced tea.”

The corner of Greg’s mouth twitched a little and his brow furrowed. “So it’s fruit punch with a little tea in it, you mean. Could I just get some plain iced tea, please?”

“You don’t like the Raspberry Splash?”


“Okay, I’ll get you the other tea we have.”


The waitress took the glass and wandered off. A few minutes later, she came back with another glass that looked identical. “Here you go,” she said.

Greg took a sip, and instantly his face contorted into a spasm of shock and revulsion. “Good God!” he said. “What is that? I asked for iced tea!”

“That is iced tea!” said the waitress. “You didn’t like the Raspberry Splash, so I brought you the ‘Mango Passion Splash’ iced tea instead!”

Greg, opening and closing his mouth rapidly and sticking his tongue into the air, pleaded, “Can’t you just bring me some ‘Iced Tea Splash’ iced tea?”

The waitress laughed. “You’re funny!” she said, and headed for another table.

-The Gneech

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