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Looking around the party, Brigid was very surprised to see Greg chatting quite normally with a grinning woman who appeared to be in her thirties, all rosy cheeks and brown curls. She wandered over just in time to hear, “Oh please. Your trouble is just that you don’t like strong women!”

“I don’t?” said Greg.

“Of course not. You’re intimidated by them!”

“Hmm,” said Greg. “I suppose you’re right, I am at that. But then again, I’m also intimidated by strong men. Not to mention elephants, tornadoes, and explosive devices.”

“Pfft!” said the woman.

“Hello,” said Brigid.

“Aha!” said Greg, “one of the strong women I’m most intimidated by. Janet, this is Brigid. Brigid, this is Janet Duveaux. Although you’re more likely to recognize her pen-name, ‘Lady Nemo.'”

“‘Lady Nemo’? I don’t remember any — wait a minute. Wasn’t ‘Lady Nemo’ the one who wrote the play with the giant rubber penis?”

“Yes, that’s me!” beamed Janet, as if she had something to be proud of.

“Wow,” said Brigid.

“Anyway, Janet tells me that I don’t like strong women,” Greg said.

“You like my mother, does that count?” said Brigid. “She once melted a bus using only her withering stare.”

-The Gneech

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