Jun 13 2011


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It was quiet. Too quiet. Brigid knew it had to be coming. And so it was. Without even looking up from his magazine, Greg said, “Judge Reinhold.”

“What?” said Brigid.

“Judge Reinhold,” Greg said again.

“The Beverly Hills Cop guy?” said Brigid.

“I do seem to remember him being in at least one of those, now that you mention it,” said Greg. “I’d forgotten about that.”

A long, heavy silence hung over the room, like a stuffed whale suspended from the ceiling of a natural history museum.

“Okay, fine!” said Brigid. “I’m never going to finish this sandwich otherwise, so let’s just get it over with. What about Judge Reinhold?”

“Let’s see,” said Greg, and looked up at the ceiling, apparently trying to remember something. “He was born in Delaware, spent most of his childhood in Fredericksburg, Virginia, then moved to Florida in high school, and his first on-screen role was in the ’70s Wonder Woman TV series.”

“I can barely contain my excitement,” said Brigid.

“He was nominated for an Emmy,” said Greg.


“Well, I thought you might want to know.”

“I appreciate your concern. Now can I please go back to my sandwich?”

“Certainly, by all means,” said Greg. “Unless you’d like to hear about Corey Feldman.”

-The Gneech

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