Mar 23 2005


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“Are you clueless?” Greg said, putting on his kitschiest falsetto bass. “Do you feel lost in a world of people who know the score? Or perhaps you have moronic friends and loved ones!”

“Yeah, you could say that,” said Brigid.

Greg grinned and pointed at her. “Then you need DIAL-A-CLUE! This revolutionary new service will smack you or a loved one upside the head with a clue-by-four, enabling you to get a grip on the world around you. Get a clue for the whole family! It also makes a great gift for your co-workers! Dial 1-800-GET-CLUE today, for a little tough love! We accept Visa or Mastercard, operators are standing by. Void where prohibited. Dial now!”

Brigid gave a wistful sigh. “You have an amazing ability to make life seem so simple, sometimes.”

“What can I say? Simple is as simple does.”

-The Gneech

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