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“So I’m going to pick up some dinner,” said Greg. “I can grab some for you too if you want. Would you prefer pizza or Chinese?”

“Ugh,” said Brigid, staring at her laptop on the table. “Not another decision. I’ve been making decisions all day. I’m worn out!”

“Well that’s not surprising,” said Greg. “It’s a dangerous and wearisome business, making decisions.”

“‘Dangerous and wearisome’?” said Brigid, raising an eyebrow.

“Every time you make a decision, you split the timeline, creating another alternate universe,” said Greg. “Formal wear or business casual? Universe. Less filling, or tastes great? Universe. Stuffing, or potatoes? Universe. When you stop to think about it, it’s an awesome and terrible power! You create not just worlds, but whole new universes! You are like unto a goddess! Of course it’s going to wear you out.”

Brigid just gave Greg a smirk. “Right. Well the goddess wants pizza,” she said.

“Oooooh!” said Greg. “And the Chinese takeout universe implodes under a collapsed waveform! Pizza it is. Billions of lives snuffed out; billions of new lives created. I won’t tempt fate by asking what toppings you want, I’ll go with the usual.”

“You do that,” said Brigid. “Meanwhile, the goddess is going to go take a nap.”

“I shall inform your supplicants, Your Terrible Majesty,” Greg said, pulled on his coat, and stepped out.

-The Gneech

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