Feb 23 2024


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“It used to annoy me when my elders would bemoan the sad state of the world,” said Greg. “But in this case, things really did used-to-be-better. All of our society’s evils linger on like a cold that just won’t go away, while everything good withers and dies.”

Brigid narrowed her eyes. “Is that some kind of crack about my mother?”

“What?” said Greg. “No! Your mother is a national treasure. I’m talking about the degradation of our culture.”

“Anything specific?”

“Even Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t carry crullers any more,” said Greg.

Brigid nodded sadly. “We live in an age of barbarism.”

Greg sighed, clearly fighting off despair. “How can we have fallen so low?”

-The Gneech

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