Oct 10 2005


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“Think about it,” said Greg. “Wilma. Velma. Practically the same name. Dinkley. Flintstone. Again, practically the same. They were both created by Hanna-Barbera. They both have auburn hair. They’re both much smarter than any of the men around them.”

“That’s not so weird,” said Brigid. “I do that every day.”

Greg swept on. “They’re both masters at uncovering wacky deceptions. I think there’s only one logical conclusion to be drawn, here — Velma is Wilma Flintstone’s karmic reincarnation!

“You’ve got something there,” said Brigid. “I’ll wait outside until you clean it up.”

“It explains everything! But whereas Wilma’s Fred is her soulmate, Velma’s Freddie is hopelessly tied up with Daphne. It’s like those gothic vampire romances, where lovers from the past are separated by the intrusion of a third party — the only way it could be more bittersweet is if Velma was a vampire!”

“‘Velma’ and ‘vampire’ both start with ‘v’ y’know,” Brigid suggested. “Maybe they’re hinting at something.”

Greg’s eyes widened to saucers. “Great scott!” he cried. “Brigid, you’re a genius!”

“And you are a mental case,” Brigid replied. “Now will you please get out of my bedroom? I’m trying to sleep, here.”

-The Gneech

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