Oct 24 2005


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Greg was unloading the second of four large grocery bags full of paperbacks when Brigid came in. “He’s gone on a binge again,” she said, announcing her presence.

“Well, maybe,” said Greg, looking up from one that had momentarily caught his eye. “There’s a new used bookstore over on Robinson and I just thought I’d stop in.”

“Wow, a whole new store and this is all you got? Low on cash, were you?”

“Well, I walked. You can only carry so much.” He put the book down and resumed his unloading.

“I suppose that’s as good a method of restraint as any,” she said. “But don’t you think you might make do with the Wall O’ Books as it is now?”

“I’ve read all those,” said Greg. “Or at least, most of them. And you know what they say, a book lover never goes to bed alone.”

“Well if that’s what it is, I’ll just get Sharon to send Ozymandias back over.”

“Can I help it if I’m irresistible to cats?” Greg said. “I suspect that my used bookstore habit is cheaper, in the long run, than astronomical pet fees.”

“Well, you could invite Yvonne over for a night of literary bliss.”

“My used bookstore habit is definitely cheaper than a hospital stay, thank you very much.”

-The Gneech

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