Nov 02 2005


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“I was crazy about her,” Alex said. “Crazy. You know, I had it bad.”

“Believe me,” said Greg, “I know.”

“But she’s stuck on Jason,” Alex continued. “After all the crap he’s put her through, she’s still stuck on him. That’s half of what drives me so nuts about it. I mean geeze, he told her it was over and ran off with that other girl of his, and I spent all my time and energy bringing her spirits back from the dead. She was getting cheerful again, and we were really starting to click. But then Jason calls up, and Bam! she goes running back to him. What does that make me?”

“Out of luck?” Greg suggested.

“She can’t help it if she’s in love with the guy, I know. I mean, probably if I picked up somebody on the bounce and then she called me up, I’d go running back to her. It’s not like I have any real room to complain. But … I mean … I feel totally screwed. Why can’t I be the one she’s crazy about? Why do I have to be the one who chivalrously steps aside? I could be ‘the one’ if only circumstances were just a little bit different!”

Greg nodded. “I know that feeling,” he said. “Something like, ‘There, but for the middle finger of God, go I.'”

-The Gneech

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