Dec 05 2005


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Brigid sat curled up on the sofa reading an editorial in the newspaper; Greg, who’d been sitting at the table wearing his headphones and tapping away on the laptop like always, suddenly let out, “Why don’t we duh-duh-DO it in the roaaaad? Why don’t we DUH-DUH-DO IT in the roaaaad? No one will be watchin’ us, so why don’t we DO it, in the rooooohooooaaad?”

“Hey!” Brigid called over at him. “That’s pretty randy talk for you isn’t it, Mr. Courtly Ideal?”

Greg pulled off one half of the headphones. “What?”

“‘Why don’t we do it in the road?'” Brigid said. “I’d think you’d be shocked and offended by such a breach of ettiquette!”

“Hmph,” Greg replied. “The Beatles transcend such worldly concerns, young Brigid!”

“Paul and Ringo are still kicking,” said Brigid. “Maybe they’ll do a cover of ‘I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie.'”

“Please. Paul and Ringo? No. The Rolling Stones, on the other hand, I could see it.”

“Actually, didn’t Spinal Tap do that originally?”

-The Gneech

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