Dec 29 2005


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Greg awoke from a dream that his ears were on fire, only to discover that something warm and furry was in fact wrapped around the top of his head, creating an effect much like earmuffs.

He blinked. “Ozymandias?” he said. “Is that you?”

“Meow,” said Ozymandias.

“Why are you wrapped around my head like a pair of earmuffs?”

“Meow,” Ozymandias repeated.

“Right, well, at least there’s a good explanation. While I’m flattered by your apparent pro-‘me’ bias, I really must remember to tell Brigid to warn me when you’re coming over next time.”

Ozymandias flicked his tail across Greg’s face, in an apparent effort to make him shut up and go back to sleep. Greg weighed his options, and finally decided the cat had the right idea.

-The Gneech

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