Jun 19 2012

And Then My Coffee Exploded

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It’s been a rough day, and it’s only just started.

Admittedly, the roughness started last night; I was already cruising toward a fatigue crash last night when I discovered a non-me person getting a paid gig with work annoyingly close to mine, but that just sealed the deal. Unfortunately, I made what appears to have been a critical error last night by switching back to Zyrtec, hoping it would help clear up the nastiness in my throat and lungs.

Not much luck there, but it has left me feeling like a doped-up yak stumbling around in a stupor this morning, as I return back to the office after a two-week absence. I thought having the moose-like stagger was bad… it’s nothing like the doped-up yak stupor-stumble. On the way in to the office (oh, hey, I get kitchen duty today!) I stopped at Starbucks for breakfast, figuring a white mocha and coffee cake would at least take some of the sting out of it all.

And then my coffee exploded. All over my left hand.

They apparently got in a shipment of defective cups which, in the presence of hot liquid and pressure from the outside (in the form of a hand holding them) collapse suddenly in upon themselves. This causes the lid to go “POP!” and fly off, as well as the top half of the drink to come bursting out in a fountain of delicious scalding near-steam. All over, as I say, my left hand.


So now as well as stumbling around like a doped-up yak in a stupor, my left hand has melted off and I have no more breakfast. At least I’m getting a blog post out of it.

-The Gneech

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One response to “And Then My Coffee Exploded”

  1. geneseepaws says:

    OMG<– No coffee? That is like the worse thing Evar. Yeah, you had my sympathy with the Yak thing –been there, suffered that, but NO Coffee? All me budds know, if there is a me, and there is no coffees, it'll be better to go pet the hungry lion — you'll live longer. I don't leave the house without my coffee, work knows(when I have work) they know, better me late with coffee in hand, than me at all without it. Less trouble for the police, fire, and EMT's if I just get some in me before walking into work. Although the detectives like the challenges presented. Coffee! — don't leave home unless you've had some!