Apr 19 2010

Brigid and Greg E-Books, W00t!

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Gneech and his sexy, sexy iPhone.

Because I love you all, I spent the weekend compiling the Brigid and Greg fictionlets into e-book form, two volumes of 100 fictionlets each which should be much easier to read than going post-by-post here on gneech.com. You can get them here:

These two volumes will bring you almost up-to-date (into late 2009, anyway); from there, I have in mind to do a new volume for every hundred new fictionlets.

As far as I can tell, every major e-book platform is represented, although it may take a little while for the books to propagate to Sony, B&N, and so on. I know for a fact that they’re already available for Stanza (the version the goofy mug in the photo above is holding). The cost is a low, low $0.99 (which is basically the minimum amount that most distributors will let me charge).

Since the books went up, I’ve had inquiries about doing print versions, and I’ll be looking into that in the not-too-distant future as well, probably digest-size and distributed via Merchandise Maven. Meanwhile, fire up your Kindle/Nook/phone/iPad (*sob*) and enjoy!

(Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that even if you don’t have a separate e-reader, you can download free copies of Stanza, the Kindle reader, and so forth, or even just grab the books in good old-fashioned “plain text” and read ’em in your word processor of choice if you’re so inclined.)


-The Gneech

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