Jun 03 2011

Comments Kerfluffle

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EDIT: Okay, gneech.com seems to be fixed for now. Still debugging shortstorygeeks.com.

I have received reports of my various sites blocking comments and informing the would-be commenter that they’re marked as SPAM. In order to test this, could I get any willing readers to post a comment to this thread at gneech.com and/or this thread at shortstorygeeks.com? Deep thoughts not necessary … “Testing, testing!” will do the job.


-The Gneech

PS: If your attempt at a comment doesn’t work, please e-mail me at thegneech@gmail.com.

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10 responses to “Comments Kerfluffle”

  1. LOAF says:

    You want to buy an Orion? I’m telling you, you do!

  2. RadBaron says:

    I have a small trader, it can do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.

  3. Tango says:

    I’ve got a Delorean for sale. Has some custom modifications, comes with a free blue British call box.

  4. Smrgol says:

    Comment submitted.


  5. VVolf says:

    I am not a canned meat product.