Dec 27 2013


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Well, as November’s NaNoWriMo was so successful, I’m going to try it again in January, only instead of writing a 50,000 word book, the goal is to draw a 24-page comic.

Well, sort of.

As you can probably gather from the art posts I’ve been doing, I have an idea for a Suburban Jungle followup comic which I’ve been noodling around with for a little while now. And since the most likely way for me to actually get something done seems to be to set an aggressive deadline, I’ve given myself the goal of debuting the comic at FurTheMore, which is in mid-March. That means I need to have lead time in February for the printing, which in turn means that to reach my goal, I’ve got to draw the comic in January.

That’s… a lot of drawing. O.o

To be honest, I have no idea if I have even a chance of succeeding, but I’m going to try my best. And even if I can’t pull it off, it will at least put me into a good position to have the comic ready to go for AnthroCon at the very least.

If you have a commission in the queue for January, I will be making those a priority and you will still get it within the three-week period. I will be working on one of those later today, in fact.

Wish me luck with Gneech Comics Drawing Month (GneCoDraMo)! ;)

-The Gneech

PS: In case you’re wondering whatever happened to my NaNoWriMo novel, it’s currently simmering on the back burner, along with the next novel in my queue. Both of them should get more attention once this comic is in the tin.

PPS: To answer what appears to be pretty much everybody’s question (“Will Leona/Drezzer/Raggum Da Frog be in the new comic?”), the answer is that it is a whole new cast. Only one of the original SJ characters is scheduled to make a direct appearance at this time, and that’s a few issues in. Everyone from the original comic is still alive and kicking, so it is conceivable that any of them could show up, but that’ll only happen if they have some part to play in the new cast’s story.

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