Mar 28 2011

He’s Everywhere! He’s Everywhere!

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So somebody posted to me in a comment, “Are you on Twitter?” I was somewhat surprised by the question, given how much I talk about my various internet connections. I am the sinister spider at the center of a malignant web! Er, I’ve made an effort to reach out across a variety of platforms, because some readers prefer one over another and I’m trying to make my work available to everyone who might be interested. I am that needy an attention-hound.

So! For all those who are interested, here’s a rundown of the various ways you can find me online:

  • — Your one-stop Gneech shop. :) Includes all of the following links, as well as stories, reviews, periodic fits of madness, and bad poetry.
  • RSS — An RSS feed of my posts.
  • LiveJournal — Still my “social medium” of choice, LJ also includes my more personal ramblings.
  • Facebook — I don’t care for FB myself, but some of my readers use it exclusively.
  • @the_gneech on Twitter
  • — My author page. I could use some more friends there!
  • Amazon — My Amazon author page, such as it is. Not the easiest thing in the world to maintain.
  • DeviantArt — A smattering of my art.
  • Artspots — A gallery of my furry art.
  • FurAffinity — Another gallery of art. Warning: Not always the most family-friendly of sites.

…I think that covers ’em all, or at least all the major ones. So! Pick your favorite and hang on for dear life! ;) If anyone has suggestions for places I should be but I’m not, I’d love to hear them.

-The Gneech

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