Oct 11 2010

Hey, Webcomics Readers!

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For a comic-book style story, assuming the net result was 22 pages + cover every quarter and that the schedule was maintained without hiccups, would you rather see:

2 pages / week with no break between issues, or

3 pages / week with a month between issues?

Please comment with answer (and reasons, if you care to discuss ’em). Thanks!

-The Gneech

EDIT: Sorry, 24 pages + cover, not 22.

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8 responses to “Hey, Webcomics Readers!”

  1. Redkam says:

    This is going to be ironic coming from me but as long as there are no breaks between regular chapter posting, I prefer 3 pages a week with a break in between. Why? because it tends to be easier on the writer/artist. :)

  2. I prefer 2/week with no breaks.

    Despite RSS feeds, Piperka, twitter, and everything else, I’m still afraid that there are comics I really enjoy that I’ve lost track of because they took a break like that. I’d be afraid that I’d put it down and accidentally never pick it up again.

  3. I’m all for twice a week.

  4. As both a webcomic reader and publisher, I’d say twice per week with no breaks. Terrence hit the nail on the head: You need to get your readers into a habit, and if you break the habit, they might accidentally (or intentionally) forget to come back. More updates per week helps the habit become more ingrained, but the break is likely more detrimental than the increased frequency. Let’s face it; what’s easier on the writer/artist is usually worst for building and maintaining readership. ;)

    One way to offset the more insistent schedule is to keep a buffer. That always smooths out the inconsistencies I have in my actual production.