Jul 26 2010

Hey, You!

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Yes, you! The person reading this post! I’m curious — how are you coming to it? Could you leave a comment and let me know? The ways I can think of are…

  1. Just going to gneech.com
  2. Consuming the RSS feed
  3. Via my LiveJournal
  4. Via the Facebook fan page
  5. Via my Twitter feed
  6. Some other way I don’t know about or have forgotten?

What interests you here? What would you like to see more of? How would you suggest I make gneech.com more awesome generally? Inquiring Gneeches want to know!

-The Gneech

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6 responses to “Hey, You!”

  1. Twiiter and/or LJ, depending on which one I see first.

  2. jinxtigr says:

    Hey Gneech! I’m on the twitter feed- and I’m essentially just enjoying your attitude and reading stuff about how you’re getting on as a creator. We talked once about cartooning and stuff, and I feel we’ve got stuff in common (you should see what my eponymous site’s turning into, once it’s done) so I continue to be interested in your doings :)

  3. Laurie Robey says:

    I came here from Twitter (this time).

  4. Josh "Jadedfox" Strom says:

    For me Twitter was the first to see, after that it was LJ. It feels like RSS on top of those would be overkill, and since most of your posts here are on one or both of those feeds I see no need to regularly visit the site until I see your post to come look. ;) (I won’t get into my views on Facebook. :P)

  5. Alison says:

    RSS or LJ if it is RSS, I use google reader.

  6. Brôgon says:

    Via LiveJournal friends page, exported as RSS feed and aggregated by the Firefox-Extension »Brief« :)