Jun 29 2010

Old News: Furries Are More Fun Than Grognards

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The Doctor and Jack Sparrow Meet ... at AnthroCon?

First off: happy birthday to anybody out there who might have a birthday today, but I’m not naming names.

Second off: Another AnthroCon has come and gone, and it was fun; not a big winner moneywise, alas, but as we were basically doing a clearance sale of old material, that was expected. Until I have a good, solid new project, I am coasting a bit, and the sales reflected that. The new buttons were a hit, which pleased me. I was deliberately going with something more generic than Suburban Jungle-specific buttons with this batch, and I think it paid off.

I am always amused at “other fandoms” crashing the furry cons, which is becoming more and more pronounced at every one I attend. For those who don’t know, “furry” as a fandom started as a subculture at fantasy/SF cons and was essentially kicked out of those for not being cool enough. (Yes, even f/sf nerds have people they look down on.) But something strange happened on the way to the dealer room: Xydexx’s Axiom of Fandom Enjoyability kicked in to force, and word has started to get around: furries are more fun than grognards! And thus, people who want to have fun, even if they are not particularly interested in “furry” as a genre, go to the furry cons because furries are generally made of awesome.

The Klingons appear to be the first to have noticed this — Klingons are always looking for a good party, and like furries have a tendency to be greeted with rolled eyes in certain corners. But at AC this year I counted at least two Doctors, a few Fairies, lots of Dragons (who have long been “furry” even without fur), Power Rangers and Halo Guys, and of course it isn’t a con until Captain Jack Sparrow shows up.

This is why I created the “Proud to be a Furry” buttons in the first place: as long as we hold true to the idea that furries are awesome, happy people and that being furry is a fine thing, instead of hiding and letting the dickweeds define us with distortions and outright lies, the people whose company are worth the time will come to us.

So keep on being awesome, furries. :) The other fandoms are starting to get it.

-The Gneech

2 responses to “Old News: Furries Are More Fun Than Grognards”

  1. Jinxtigr says:

    Hell yeah :) welcome to them. And I would be shocked if Captain Sparrow was NOT chasing tail :)