Aug 29 2010

Status Report — Another Productive Weekend!

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I do so love being productive! I don’t know what it was that broke the creative logjam I’ve been suffering from for the past several months, but it’s made me a much happier Gneech in any case. And I’ve gotten a lot done this weekend!

The strip conversion for Childproof the Unicorns is at almost exactly the 50% mark. It would have been farther along, but some of my decade-plus old files were not readily accessible and I had not only to find the CDs they were on, then use IsoBuster to make the CD readable again, but then discovered they’d been saved as flattened .tifs (for some reason knowable only to 10-years-ago me) and had to have the text typed in again. Fortunately, it only seems to have been a few of them, so it won’t throw a giant spanner in the works.

That’s not all, tho. This weekend I also did up roughs for the cover of Attack of the War-Cats and sent that off to Sue, decided on the title for my new comic, registered some website URLs and did some major character development sketches, and of course did a lot of the prep work for going to Dragon*Con next weekend. I’m all energized now — if it weren’t for the fact that I have to be at work in the a.m., I could happily keep chugging away for at least another couple of hours. But that would mean a Monday of dragging at work, which would in turn leave me totally unproductive tomorrow night, so I have to break it off and go get some sleep for the greater good.

So! Lots of cool stuff. :) I said back in January that 2010 was going to be an exciting year, and tho it’s taken a little longer to get rolling than I expected, it’s still turning out to be true!

-The Gneech

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