Feb 20 2017

The Spectacular Spider-Spider

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Spider-Spider! Spider-Spider!
Does the things ordinary spiders do
Spins a web, about two feet across
Doesn’t catch thieves, they are huge
Look out!
Don’t step on the Spider-Spider!

Is she strong? Listen bud!
She’s only the size of your fingernail!
Can she swing from a thread?
Yes, every night over your bed.
There sits the Spider-Spider!

In the chill of night
in a place with some bugs
like a streak of light
she gives them deadly hugs

Spider-Spider! Spider-Spider!
Friendly neighborhood Spider-Spider!
Wealth and fame?
She’s ignored!
Catching bugs, is her reward.

To her, life is a couple years long
It’s a sad way to end this song
Sucks to be you,
poor little Spider-Spider

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